Pavel Bondar, a unique and original artist from Dnepr (Ukraine) is back again! His art works are quite different in the way that if something goes wrong, they are simply edible. Pavel Bondar has created an idea to use different types of food as means for self-expression on a canvas.
The artist has used thousands of peppercorns from red peppers and spices to create a portrait of the Chinese leader Xi Junping instead of traditional watercolors or oil paints.
“I have used the technique known as pointillism while creating the portrait”, shared Pavel. “ This is when a painting is made of points of paint. Slowly and thoroughly scattering the ground peppercorns I imagine the old ancient culture, diligence and the spirit of Chinese people. Thus, without paying attention to the time flying by, I submerged into the process of reflection of my own feelings. Regulating the saturation and the number of peppercorns with a brush I have successfully created many transitions, managed to point out the details which in essence make the portrait so live”.
Tedious work and an open mind allowed Pavel Bondar to endow the portrait with the sacred meaning as Chinese society consists of billion of peppercorns and spices, however only strict positioning forms the overall look of the whole nation.