How often do you ask yourself what could be possibly made of oats? The Ukrainian artist Pavel Bondar seems to have an inexhaustible inspiration as he already has lots of portraits of famous people that are made of different types of food.
Portrait of the Queen Elizabeth II made only from oat flakes became a new piece of art. All the austerity, nobility and sophistication of a royal person got reflected by thousand shades of only two colors. Thus, Pavel Bondar continued his collection “Tasty Faces” with the portrait of the Queen Elizabeth II.
“Using oat flakes of various sizes I have managed to precisely outline the proper facial features of the Queen”, says Pavel. “ This is a very time and effort consuming and tedious process that brought me a lot of satisfaction”.
Art project “Tasty faces” has become very popular around the world and his author, artist Pavel Bondar, has become famous for his talent and amazing imagination. The magic of the works of this artist amazes with its simplicity and depth at the same time.
“ It is commonly known that almost everyone who lives in England including the Queen prefers to eat oatmeal for breakfast. Additionally, I had oat flakes at home and by accident having scattered them one of the days I realized that I could use it to create something interesting”, says Pavel of this work process.
The portrait of the English Queen has become a peculiar art symbol that is available to everyone as you can just look at common things with new perspectives and believe ourselves. Then even simple oatmeal could serve as a prototype for conveying the essence of a whole nation.