Continuing his “Tasty faces” series Pavel Bondar does not cease to surprise the audiences with his absolutely unique and unconventional approach to modern art. He chose the young Spanish leader Pedro Sanchez to be the new object of his tireless imagination.
“This portrait is executed in a few different styles”, says the artist. “The green colors of parsley and dill allowed me to play with the hair shape and added saturation and thickness. Adding olives and salad leaves helped to form the dark spots for the contrasts, and the balsamic sauce allowed to show precise transitions of light and highlighted the expressiveness of black eyes of the Spanish prime-minister”.
The image of Pedro Sanchez in the view of Pavel conveys the whole essence of Spain, its’ clear and bright weather, expressive and juicy colorful nature and the serenity inherent in Spanish people.
It is known that Pedro Sanchez leads a healthy way of living, loves sports, is quite open minded and open to communications with people, and prefers vegetables and greenery.