Pavel Bondar, the food artist from Dnepr (Ukraine) continues to please the modern art lovers with his talent to find an unconventional usage for food. Ukrainian artist has already created dozen of portraits of famous personas using things we are used to eat.
Amongst the latest works is the portrait of the Italian president Sergio Mattarella and what would you think was used to create it? Clearly, it was the world’s famous pasta! Thus, the food artist from Dnepr added the portrait of Sergio Mattarella to his sensational collection of famous portraits “Tasty faces”.
“I have recently realized that the shape of the pasta allows to “draw” practically any outline”, admits Pavel. “ And of course, the image of the Italian President as a main dish would not have been complete without a tomato sauce. Thanks to the flexibility of the cooked pasta I managed to precisely draw all the lines and curves, and bright red sauce has highlighted the accents and features of the Mattarella’s face”.
Pavel conveys all the emotions, tasty accents and simplicity attributable to the Italian mentality in his portrait of the Italian leader.
Sergio himself is a big patriot of his country, loves traveling around Italy, appreciates the art works and of course the Italian cuisine. He would have certainly highly appreciated the fine art and deep meaning of the portrait by the Ukrainian artist.