During the world’s quarantine Pavel Bondar, the artist from Dnepr, spent some quality time during the necessary self-isolation and not only to his own benefit but to the benefit of the whole art world. Recently his collection “ Tasty faces” which had already caused a sensation received an addition. This time Donald Trump himself became the target.
Very resourceful artist created the portrait of the American president from bright-colored yellow corn grains.
“Bright and temperamental personality of Donald Trump attracts attention of the whole world”, says Pavel. “To express the full essence of the American president it was my choice to use a very complex, delicate yet very interesting material such as corn. In the very beginning of the process I had to accept an unknown challenge, all I had was a piece of canvas and two cans of corn. What can truly come out of this? I also did not know, though started to work. I put away all concerns and gave this project all my best.”
The portrait of Donald Trump is not as simple as it might look at the first glance. Once you take a closer look you would not see anything but corn grains spread all over the canvas. Though once you distance yourself and look at the portrait from a certain perspective then you get a full picture and see the whole silhouette of one of the most odious persona in politics.
Being extremely tough and straightforward, Trump is not afraid to state what he really thinks instead of what people expect and want to hear. With all that, his ambitions are so much bigger, and his personality and individuality are much deeper than it may first seem.
And by the way, the American president hardly ever eats corn as the main dishes he likes are hamburgers, Coca-Cola, bakery products and French fries. And do not forget the proverb- whoever sows corn, only gets richer.