Artist Pavel Bondar continues the development of his unique project “Tasty faces” surprising his supporters all over the world again and again. One of his most recent works is the portrait of the President of France Emmanuel Macron. And of course once again food was used in the process. So, what has the food artist created this time?
Using his own taste Pavel Bondar imagined himself to be French for a short while. He opened a bottle of wine, cut some cheese and started to express his mood on a canvas.
What else comes to mind when we hear about France? Pavel Bondar quite brilliantly expressed the gastronomical preferences of a whole country having created the country’s President’s image using wine and cheese.
“ Wine was simply great for my idea”, says the artist regarding the work process. “ While I was putting few layers of wine on the canvas I managed to achieve various saturation levels of half transparent shades. In order to highlight some details I have used grapes and then the color got darker. Pieces of Roquefort cheese were logical completion as the most fitting element”.
By the way, Emmanuel Macron himself has this old French drink twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. So that his portrait all soaked in wine is a good fit and precisely reflects the gastronomical essence and traditions of the French people.
Pavel Bondar is also quite sure that food painting is a type of art that is subconsciously available to each of us.