001_Lara-FabianPavel Bondar, a young and aspiring artist can definitely surprise anybody with his boundless imagination. Presenting a unique in its kind art-project called “Tasty faces” the author is laying a claim to become a true provocateur of the modern age. Pavel Bondar presents series of portraits created in a quite unusual way as these pieces of art are made out of food, bringing this project to the judgement of the audience. The young artist’s works allow a new and fresh look at the art of painting; portraits of famous people are created with food products including coffee, bread, sushi, chocolate and more, as Pavel does not limit his choice of products. They are all just base materials for his wonderful and unique paintings.
The exhibition that is called “Tasty faces” by the author is using foto-replicas of his unique masterpieces. According to the artist, the originals of these pieces of art do not last long and get spoiled quite fast, thus making these paintings even more original and unique.
002_Pavel-BondarPavel Bondar records each step of the artwork creation on a camera fixed on the canvas. This allows to see the process step by step with red wine drying on the paper, dark chocolate spreading around and bread with its amazingly fresh smell as all these products become paints for this artist.
It all may seem so easy that it brings up a desire to try it yourself even if you do that in your own plate.
Pavel considers himself a free-spirited artist that is ready for any experiment.
“I do not limit the choice of the material to be used in my work, I just see my way as a way of changes, new experiences, trials and errors”, Pavel says.

003_Pavel-BondarPavel Bondar was born in 1990 in a small Ukranian city of Dnepropetrovsk. The bigger part of his life has been devoted to his favourite subject, the art of painting. It is quite difficult to count all the paintings created by this artist as he had used colored chalks, oils, pencil, water colors. Pavel considers himself a happy person as he is engaged in something that he does the best. And he kindly and generously shares his experiences and knowledge accumulated with others.

004_Pavel-BondarIt has been four years since Pavel successfully started teaching art. Those eager to learn how to draw and make first steps into the exciting world of art attend his lectures and practice classes. These lectures and classes filled with lots of information and practical knowledge help people of all different ages fight their fears, discover their skills and talents and create first pieces of artwork.
People from very different cities with different skills come to attend Pavel Bondar’s master classes, all united by one desire to learn how to draw. In his few years of teaching Pavel has succeeded in helping hundreds of people accomplish their dreams to create their own artworks.

Pavel has admitted that the process of creating art is much more important for him than the result. That is why the work of this young and talented artist is so successful. And Pavel shares his success with other people every day, explaining to them that one can only find his true self when he searches for it. He describes the art process step by step in great details and gives people an opportunity to discover their talents and embrace art.